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Patron List
Michael Bogrees, LMT - (614) 832-4321
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“. . . Michael, I wanted to let you know my sinus problem is much better. I haven't had coffee or melatinin since I saw you. I value your help and advice.”
Thank you,
Karen L., Philo, OH
“. . . Michael's pep talks also motivate me to exercise at home. This in itself has helped me to lose weight and feel more healthy. He's like a massage coach.”
Patty J., Newark, OH
“. . . I am sure Michael Bogrees kept me from taking some type of pain meds. Although the trigger point releases were painful, the result was worth it. I am allergic to codeine and since I am a Reg. Nurse, staying away from pain meds are my goals. I feel that I was directed to your facility through God and Michael is the best!”
Barbara S., Granville, OH
“. . . Knowledgeable, well-trained, professional, punctual.”
Steve T., Granville, OH
“. . . I am very grateful for the good health that you have shown me how to find. I have never felt better, even in my 20’s and 30’s. . . . .”
Nettie M., Lancaster, OH
“. . . I keep meaning to call or tell you I had my baby girl the day after you gave me the massage in January. The labor & delivery was easy & went fast.
Thanks for helping & we’ll try to see you soon!”
Rhonda C., Gahanna, OH
. . I tried traditional massage, acupuncture, energy work, and consulted a Medical Doctor. While all of these modalities helped relieve the pain for a short period of time, it would always return within a day or two.
I was impressed with Michael’s approach to treating my pain. It makes a lot of since to me that some physical conditions are caused by memories and the enotions associated with them. However, I was really surprised and pleased when Michael was able to completely eliminate my pain, but the true test is . . . the pain hasn’t returned!
Michael is a wonderfully gifted healer with vast experience and knowledge. I am deeply grateful for the work he does.
Rebecca E., Westerville, OH
“. . . Hope I can get an appt – because I know whatever it is, you’ll find it & you’ll fix it, or you won’t let me leave.
Thank God for your interest & talent in helping people in pain.”
Madelyn K., Westerville, OH

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