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Massage is the manipulation of body tissue to release abnormal holding patterns, which is best performed with hands, for the purpose of affecting the nervous and muscular systems and the general circulation. Typical treatments last about an hour, longer appointments are available.

Do I Need Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy has a wide variety of therapeutic applications.  It has been used successfully in the treatment of arthritis, bursitis, heart disease, fatigue, backache, sciatica, migraine headache, culatory problems and many other physical maladies. In general, it relieves congestion and restores vitality to the body. Even if you have no apparent problem, massage can help you feel better.

What About My Modesty?

All clients are covered with a sheet and towel (s) to assure individual privacy.  In fact, there are therapeutic techniques that can be administered through clothing.  You should not hesitate to try this form of health care for the first time.  Almost everyone is apprehensive at first, but when they find out how safe and comforting it is, all concerns are forgotten.

Who is Qualified to Practice Therapeutic Massage?

Licensed massage therapists in this state are required to attend an approved massage school for one year, and after graduation to pass the examination given by the State Medical Board.  The course of study includes anatomy, physiology, massage theory and massage practice.  Massage is a Medical License of limited practice.

There's nothing lke a massage to relax those muscles after a hard days work!

What is it like to get a Massage?

Realistically, you have to try it to appreciate how good it feels. People say that they feel more relaxed than they ever have before.  One Dayton doctor says he finds the effect very interesting, in that he is very relaxed and at the same time stimulated and refreshed.  You feel like you can move with less effort.

What are the Physiological effects?
Being a natural form of health care, massage helps you body function more efficiently by relieving the effects of stress.  Stress can be in the form of disease, injury, or everyday stress. Massage dilates blood vessels, which opens them up so more blood can pass through.     Massage relieves muscle spasm, the primary source of pain in most neck and back problems.  Massage helps break up the connective   tissue that restricts flexibility.  It also mechanically releases toxins that are trapped in the soft tissue , forcing them into the blood and lymph systems for removal by the kidneys.  Massage stimulates the immune system as well as temporarily increasing the number of red and white blood cells in the bloodstream.  Massage is one of the most   effective treatment modalities for chronic pain without using drugs.

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